Moving floors

The flexibility to benefit every pool user

Swimming is the most popular indoor sport in the country – yet most pools cannot adapt to the diverse requirements of their users and are not being used to their full potential. The deep area of a pool isn't suitable for non-swimmers and becomes a hazard, while shallow pool areas have limited use. Moveable pool floors can change this.

Within just a few minutes your pool can be switched from its use as a diving pool to a toddlers paddling area, simply by raising the floating floor off the bottom of the pool. When in a fully raised position above the water surface, the floor becomes a rigid cover, transforming the pool into a dry area suitable for various activities. This offers much greater flexibility for recreational use.

Benefits of a moving Pool Floor

  • Flexibility of programming
  • Dry use
  • Splash Dancing
  • Waterside landing area
  • Parents and Babies
  • Teaching
  • Dignified disabled access to the water
  • Over 60's
  • Diving
  • Sub-Aqua
  • Cost & Efficiency Benefits

    • Increased flexibility and use of space
    • Lower running costs
    • Retains heat in raised position
    • Reduced chemical consumption
    • Stainless Steel structure
    • 40 year plus life expectancy
    • 100% manufactured in the UK and Europe
    • Safety – no deep water when not needed

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