Villeroy & Boch Spa's and Saunas


Outdoor whirlpool tubs from Villeroy & Boch – relaxation in your own garden or pool room- ideal partners for Kinniburgh Pools with their eco friendly product range

Under a sunny or starry sky?

Climb in, lie back, close your eyes...and relax Whether you're squinting against the sun or counting the stars – there's hardly a more intense or relaxing way of experiencing the open air. And the best part is you can share this relaxing experience with other people! Your family and friends will delighted to drop by for an evening spent relaxing in your whirlpool tub.

Your personal wellness experience

Do you prefer a gentle or vigorous massage? The JetPakTM technology allows you to configure your outdoor whirlpool tub to suit your preferences. JetPaks™ are detachable seat backs with nozzles that can be fitted on any seat, even when the whirlpool tub is already filled with water.

Thanks to their user-friendliness, low maintenance costs and ability to be retrofitted whenever you want, the JetPaks™ technology features a revolutionary modular design that can help to enhance comfort and flexibility as you wish.

Saunas and infrared cabins from Villeroy & Boch – treat yourself to a warming experience

Wellness qualities of the saunas and infrared cabins

If you love saunas, you will certainly enjoy the deep sense of well-being induced by the saunas and infrared cabins from Villeroy & Boch. The soothing warmth gently envelops you, relaxing both mind and body. Savour your place of relaxation with all of your senses and experience its pleasures every day anew. Not only is your sauna good for you but its harmonious design means it can also be seamlessly integrated in your feel-good oasis.

A place of calmness and strength

expected to do more and more in ever shorter time, but this sustained pressure leaves us all yearning for periods of relaxation and recuperation. Wouldn't it be great if you could really enjoy this time in an whirlpool tub or Sauna from Villeroy & Boch? Not only is it a great way of pampering your body and soul, but its the perfect way to reinvigorate yourself so that you are ready to face new challenges. Do something to boost your health as you relax.

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